DEMISE - Rise of the Kutan
NEW IN DTR 1.3 - 4 Dungeon Levels, 20+ Items, 80+ Monsters and more!
Adventure that pulls you in and doesn't let go!
DEMISE - Rise of the Ku'tan
First released in 2000 by Artifact Entertainment, DEMISE - Rise of the Ku'tan is a massive 3D dungeon crawler. You take control of a party of up to 4 adventurers to plumb the Depths of Dejenol to discover the horrible secrets entombed within, or even team up in multiplayer mode.
DEMISE - The Revelation
DEMISE - The Revelation or DTR is an expansion for the game DEMISE - Rise of the Ku'tan. It fixes several game bugs, improves balance and provides you with opportunity to further develop your characters by finding 80+ new items, fighting 160+ new monsters in 7 new challenging levels.
Dungeon Crawler
If you enjoy old style Rogue-like RPGs like Bard's Tale or Wizardy, then you will feel right at home. DEMISE - Rise of the Ku'tan evolved from Avatar, Mordor and Infinite Worlds.