DEMISE - The Revelation
DEMISE - The Revelation v1.31
Requirements: Windows XP or newer, Read upgrade instructions
DEMISE - Rise of the Ku'tan and DEMISE - The Revelation. One of the best dungeon crawlers ever made. The expansion improves game balance and provides you with opportunity to further develop your characters by finding 80+ new items, fighting 160+ new monsters in 7 challenging new dungeon levels.
MD5: 3f049c0ae059533c05cab9e1dbae9543
DTR - Assistant
DTR - Assistant v0.8
Requirements: Windows XP or newer. DEMISE - The Revelation 1.30.
Import map from previous install, 1024x768 resolution, switch to MP or SP, setup hotkeys for your actions, cast multiple spells with a single hotkey, create backups of your data files, submit your characters to the online ladder, play in 'enhanced' mode and more.
MD5: 6b117749c11666cbf732b287fa7dd052